1)Name                   Dr. Qamrul Hasan Lari

Teacher code        UKL0016

Designation           Reader

Qualification         BUMS, MD. PGDHM

Date of birth          01-01-1977

Registration no       09617

Total experience      11 years 7 months (teaching 10  years 10months as MO                                    09 months)

Mail id              drqhlari@gmail .com

Mobile no       9412563073

2)  Name- Dr. Mohd Rashid Ansari

Teacher code – UKL 1949

Designation:  Lecturer [Contractual]

Qualification: MA (Arabic) PhD  DPhill  Allahabad Univ

Date of Birth: 7/6/1955

Registration no: N/A

Total Experience :

mail id: rashid.761955@gmail.com

mobile no : 9450627203

3) Name                      Prof.  Abdul Wahid

Teacher code           UKL015

Designation              Professor

Qualification                  BUMS, MD

Date of birth                   25-06-1964

Registration no              7731

Total experience           21 years

Mail id                 abdulwaheed157@hotmail.com

Mobile no            9956402148