1. Establishment of PG depts. In progress :

Mr Mukesh Kumar Meshram IAS, Secretary AYUSH department, UP was pleased to grant permission to establish two post graduate departments on request of Dr. MSH Siddiqui, Director Unani services Uttar Pradesh Lucknow. One PG in Mahir e jarahat in Amraz e Uzn , Anaf Wa Halaq (M.S. ENT) and one PG in Ilaj bit Tadbeer (MD in IBT).  To fulfil the requirement of PG Program, the College is now affiliated with Allahabad State University, Allahabad, since  April 2018. Efforts are on to enhance the standard of the existing departments of ENT and IBT by the college administration

  1. AA Zaidi, MO was invited by Hindi daily “Dainik Jagran” in their esteemed Sunday program “Hello Doctor” on 10/6/2018, who  benefitted patients and sufferers by advising them according Unani System of Medicine .
  2. Many Meritorious students pass out from this College get PG seats every year in various reputed Institutions of India, list is given below :-


S. NO Scholar’s Name Year of Admission UG Batch Subject of MD/MS Name of Institute
1. Abdul Aziz 1982 1974 Ilmul Advia AKTC, AMU Aligarh
2. Mumtaz Husain 1982 1975 Ilmul Advia AKTC, AMU Aligarh
3. Mohd. Husain 1983 1976 Ilmul Advia AKTC, AMU, Aligarh
4. Mohd Hasan 1984 1975 Atf’al Govt. NTC, Hydrabad
5. Mohd. Tahir 1987 1980 Moalijat AKTC, AMU Aligarh
6. Anisurrahman 1991 1982 Moalijat AKTC, AMU Aligarh
7. Khurshid Alam 1994 1986 Moalijat Jamia Hamdard, Delhi
8. Maniram Singh 2006 1999 Amraz Niswan wa Qabalat NIUM, Bangalore
9. Zarina  Khatoon 2007 1999 Amraz Niswa wa Qabalat AKTC, AMU Aligarh
10. Firdaus Anis 2007 1999 Hifzane Sehat Jamia Hamdard Delhi
11. Asjad Khan 2007 1997 Moalijat NIUM, Bangalore
12. Sarfaraz Ahmad 2008 1999 Moalijat NIUM, Bangalore
13. Satish Kumar 2008 2001 Ilmul Advia Gov. NTC, Hydrabad
14. Izharul Hasan 2008 2001 Hifzane Sehat NIUM Bangalore
15. Rajesh Kumar 2008 2001 Moalijat NIUM Bangalore
16. Faiyaz Ahmad 2009 2000 Ilmul Advia Gov. NTC, Hydrabad
17. Haqiq Ahmad 2010 2003 Ilmul Advia NIUM Bangalore
18. Mohd. Aslam 2010 2003 Moalijat NIUM, Bangalore
19. Samiullah Khan 2011 1995 Jarahiyat ZVMUM , Pune
20. Shebiya Sultana 2011 2005 Hifzane Sehat NIUM Bangalore
21. Abdullah Azmi 2012 2005 Ilmul Advia NIUM Bangalore
22. Mohd. Shahnawaz 2013 2005 Ilmul Saidla NIUM Bangalore
23. Atiya Khan 2013 2007 Hifzane Sehat NIUM Bangalore
24. Mohd. Tausif 2014 2005 Ilaj-Bil- Tadbeer NIUM Bangalore
25. Irfan Ansari 2014 2008 Moalijat NIUM Bangalore
26. Khemchand 2014 2008 Ilmul Advia NIUM Bangalore
27. Devendra Kumar 2014 2008 Ilmul Advia NIUM Bangalore
28. Ghausia Islam 2015 2005 Ilmul Advia NIUM Bangalore
29. Danish Akhtar 2015 2007 Jarahiyat NIUM Bangalore
30. Izhar Ahmad 2015 2008 Ilmul Advia NIUM Bangalore
31. Kaleem Ahmad 2016 2009 Moalijat NIUM Bangalore
32. Nasreen Akhlaq 2016 2009 Amraz Niswa wa Qabalat NIUM Bangalore
33. Firdaus Kausar 2016 2001 Ilmul Advia RRIUM Kashmir
34. Tabassum 2017 2007 Ilmul Advia NIUM Bangalore


  1. The Central Council of Indian Medicine has increased 20 more UG seats and now the college has 60 seats for the purpose.
  2. The commendable role of the college through its laborious and dedicated students and junior doctors in various National Health Programs. They co-operated Health Department and SM Network of UNICEF in National Polio Eradication Program through community mobilization and motivating the resistant families who were reluctant to offer Oral Polio Vaccine to their children due to some misconceptions. Vide Times of India dated, April, 18, 2013, March 27, 2011, and April 25, 2012.
  3. A book written by Prof. Anwar Ahmad Quraishi is included as reference book by central council of Indian medicine , in the syllabus of kamil- tib-o- jarahat [B.U.M.S].This book is also awarded by Urdu academy UP.