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The Founder and brief history of College. 

The founder of the college was Allama Hakim Ahmad Husain Usmani [1859-1933]. Hakim Ahmad Husain Usmani’s fore fathers had suffered extensively at the hand of Britishers during 1857 freedom movement. All their properties were confiscated by the British Authorities during 1857 war of freedom. He studied basic education including mantiq o falsafa under the guidance of Haji Hafiz Hakim Sufi Mohammad Husain of Allahabad.  To study the science of Tib he moved to Lucknow and learned Unani medicine under Tabib Dar Ul Shifa Shahi Hakim Haider Husain.

Hakim Ahmad Husain left his family and moved to Calcutta without informing his parents where he practiced Unani medicine near Nakhuda ki Masjid for many years. Then he returned back to Allahabad, met his parents and tried to consolidate all his confiscated properties. He made a firm determination to do something for humanity and started Tibbi Madersa in 1904 at his residence in Sabzimandi Allahabad. This Madersa grew up and took shape of Unani Medical College and was shifted to present site. This institution was taken over by the state of U.P. in 1982 after passing a bill in the U.P. Assembly to provincialize it.

Hakim Ahmad Husain was a great Unani physician of his era. He had saved hundreds of lives through Unani medicine during plague epidemic. He was a close associate of Hakim Masih Ul Mulk Ajmal Khan and was even in the management committee of Ayurvedic and Unani TIbbi College Karol Bagh Delhi. Beside founding and establishing Unani Medical College, he translated the work of famous historian Ibne Khuldoom from Arbic to Urdu into 14 volumes, for which he earned more name and fame. A road is also named after the founder for his contributions in Allahabad.  Allama Hakim Ahmad Husain died on 30th Jan 1933 and his grave is in the College premises.

Principal' Message

From The Desk of Principal

Shri Jayant Narlikar IAS
Secretary,Ayush U.P.

Needless to remind here the increase in the population of India which is now near to be stabilized.  With all the burden of swollen population, the government is committed to ensure health for all by 2020.The existing health care providing system including various system of medicine is not adequate to cope up with the increasing demand. In present scenario the State Unani Medical College and H.A.H.R.D.M Hospital Himmatganj Allahabad is one of the key institute  providing safe health care to needy public.  This Unani institute was established in 1904 in Subzimandi founded by Hakim Ahmad Hussain along with his four talented students. Approximately 78 years this institute named Unani medical college was under the control of private management. In 1982, the government of Uttar Pradesh provincialized and gave the status of State Unani Medical College. Now this institute is well under control of UP State Government along with strong support of Ministry of AYUSH, Union Govt. of India. The Institute is provided with all necessary infrastructures and human resources. Central Council of Indian Medicine New Delhi, keep regular vigil to maintain its academic standard and health care services.

Dr. Anwar Ahmad


State Unani Medical College Allahabad

Kamil-E Tib-O-Jarahat (Bachelor in Unani Medicine & Surgery (B.U.M.S))

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